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Glad you decided to join us; we are very happy to have you here!

Getting started on Uthgard is pretty simple: Just follow the steps in this guide, and you should be ready in no time. Click Next on the right hand side to continue, or pick a specific section from the left menu. If you should ever get stuck during any point, feel free to contact us via the chat (top menu bar), or via our forum. We're happy to help you.

We have answered frequently asked questions about Uthgard in the "General FAQs" section. If you want to learn something specific about Uthgard, or you are curious about how we are different from other shards, that is the first place you should go look at.

Time to get started: Download the client, install our launcher, and pick your realm. The journey awaits!

Download the Client

To install the client, follow these steps:

  1. Go to: Dark Age of Camelot Downloads, and choose the first option for the full game client.
  2. Open DAoCSetup.exe once it has finished downloading.
  3. Click Next, read and comply with the License Agreement. Uncheck the option to make a game account, and click Finish.
  4. Navigate to your desktop and click on the "Dark Age of Camelot" shortcut.
  5. Wait for game to completely patch. This will fully download the live version of the game.
  6. Once this has finished you can delete the shortcut to DAoC from your desktop.
  7. Later we'll apply the Uthgard patch to this installation.

Note: We recommend having a dedicated client for Uthgard and not using this client to connect to any other server as you might get an inconsistent experience.


Can I just use the client from another DAoC Freeshard?

You really shouldn't. It will likely screw up the game for both servers.

What should I do if I want to play on multiple servers?

Create separate copies of the clean game client, and make sure to only connect to Uthgard with one of these clients.

Create Account

The "new" Uthgard uses a central, web-based account system for managing your ingame accounts. Follow these steps to create an ingame account:
  1. Go to the Manage Account page.
  2. Sign in with OpenID. You can use any email for this, but we recommend using one of the Open ID providers suggested and / or using your primary mail account, as we will not perform account recovery for lost or forgotten accounts.
  3. Read the server rules carefully and accept them, and click the "Create Account" button to create an Uthgard-specific account. Doing so gives you also access to the bug tracker and other web-based Uthgard features.


What is OpenID? Is it secure?

You can read about OpenID here: OpenID Explained

We use OpenID to save you from entering a password each time you use your account. Instead of having to remember a set of account names and passwords, all you have to know is your primary email address (which you hopefully already do).

What about my old character names that were reserved?

You can apply previous Uthgard emails to your master account to reserve old character names. Look for the Reserved Names tab at the bottom of your Account page for more information.

How do I set up my family to play Uthgard together?

  • Each family member playing on a separate computer should have their own Master Account.
  • For ease, each of you should play from the same computer each time; switching between computers might cause you to be locked out of your accounts temporarily.
  • Please make sure that if you are playing together and one of you goes AFK that they log out. Not doing so risks you as being considered a buff bot, which is a rule violation.
  • Players playing from the same IP that look suspiciously like buff-bots will be tested periodically!

I don't trust Google/Facebook/Microsoft. How can I connect to Uthgard?

If you have really strong feelings about using an external OpenID provider (which we very much recommend!), you can still create a legacy password account during the creation process. Note, however, that we will provide no support for password accounts, and we will not process account recovery requests.

Download the Launcher

Uthgard requires a special launcher that is different from what most other DAoC freeshards use. Don't worry though, we tried keeping it as simple as possible:

  1. Install necessary dependencies for the Uthgard Launcher:
  2. Go to the Manage Account page.
  3. In the "How to Connect" tab on the bottom, click the Download Launcher button, and run the installer.
  4. Start uthgard.exe once (or use the shortcut on your desktop)
  5. Choose the directory where your fresh install of DAoC is located, and select camelot.exe
    • (Optional) Go to Edit, Preferences, and select Full Classic for the best experience.
    • (Optional) In order to turn classic player models on, you'll have to do that from the character selection screen inside the game.
  6. Click the "Play!" button in the top right of the main page to start the game.
    • Seeing an issue? Have a look at the trouble-shooting section below.


Can I still connect with the Dawn of Light portal?

No, we do not recommend doing this. Using DAoC Portal might prevent you from connecting when is having an outage, which has happened rather frequently in the past.

I'm getting this error: System.MissingMethodException: Method not found: '!!0[] System.Array.Empty()'

This error means you do not have the .NET Framework 4.6 installed, which is required to use the launcher. You can find it here: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6

I'm getting this error: api-ms-win-core-file-12-1-0.dll is missing

You need to install the Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 for x86 to play on Uthgard.

I'm getting this error: Patch 1.65 injection failed

You need to install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6. You may be able to download it with your Windows Updater, or you can otherwise find it here: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6

You will also need to install the Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 for x86.

If you still keep seeing this issue, try disabling your anti-virus temporarily

Can I use the Uthgard Launcher with Windows XP?

No. Windows XP has been deprecated, and should no longer be used since it represents a security risk. Please update your OS if you want to play on Uthgard. You need to be able to run Microsoft .NET 4.6, and your operating system must support TLS 1.2.

According to the Steam Software Survey, only about 2% of remaining gamers use Windows XP, which is a marginal group we can no longer support.

Help, the "Play!" button does not work!

Try re-installing the Uthgard Launcher using a freshly downloaded setup first.

In order to be able to use the play button on the main page, you need to start uthgard.exe once manually to perform the necessary setup.

Some browsers will ask you if you want to launch an external application when clicking the button. For the launcher to work, you will have to select "yes" if asked.

If issues persist, try following more in-depth steps listed at the bottom here.

When I run the launcher I get some other error!

You probably need to install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6. You may be able to download it with your Windows Updater, or you can otherwise find it here: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6

If you are still receiving errors, try installing the Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 for x86.

My anti-virus software thinks Uthgard.exe is a threat.

It's not, but you will probably have to white-list Uthgard.exe with whatever anti-virus program you use. The launcher starts the DAoC game client via memory patching, which is considered malicious by a few anti-virus programs.

General FAQs

For any questions regarding the entire install and account process, please look in those sections. Here you can find FAQs related to Uthgard specifically:

Patch Level and Features

What patch level is Uthgard targetting? Will this ever change?

We're targetting 1.65 and there are no plans to ever change that.

Does Uthgard have any custom features? Will any be added?

Our goal is to launch with as few custom features as possible. After release, if the situation calls for it, we may introduce small non-gameplay influencing custom features. Do not expect any custom features that would effect balance in the slightest way. The few custom features we do have are things like slightly more advanced housing options compared to what existed in 1.65.

What is the XP rate like? Is it as slow as Uthgard 1.0?

No, the XP rate is better now due to working camp bonuses, area bonuses, and the new keep bonuses. Type /bonuses in game for a summary.

Where can I find an accurate character planner for Uthgard?

This is a very good one: Nixian's Character Builder Note that this planner is not maintained by the staff so there may be small mistakes at times. To view Old RAs, look for the "oldRA" button at the top of the Realm Abilities section.

When will the Shrouded Isles areas be ready?

There is no ETA at this time, but we plan to release them, potentially zone-by-zone.

Does Uthgard have live-like defense penetration?

Yes! We're the only free shard to do so. For those that don't know, defensive penetration is a elusive but real aspect of DAoC's melee system where a players defensive skills like Block, Parry or Evade are lowered by the Weaponskill and other factors of the attacker.

Do potions stack? How many charges do they have?

No, they were single charge and non-stacking in 1.65. However, the staff has implemented a nice helper feature so that you don't have to place the same type of potion on your quick bar after each use. Instead, place the potion that is the lowest in your inventory on your qbar. When you use the potion, the game will start at the top of your inventory and go down, consuming the first potion of that kind that it finds. This way, the potion stays on your quick bar until it is finally consumed and you have no more of those potions in your inventory.

I think (insert ability) should work differently, is the staff open to changing this?

Yes, but only if you can offer substantial evidence: Memory counts for nothing because we have all had times where what we remember has been blurred by previous Uthgard, other free shards, misconceptions and time.

If you're serious about this the types of evidence you should look for are videos, patch notes, grab bags, live testing, TL reports and old forum posts. Keep in mind that in testing we've found that ANY of these sources have been wrong at times so the more collaborating evidence the better.

What classes can be what crafting professions?

You can find a handy table of that information here: Tradeskills. Also keep in mind that Spellcrafters and Alchemists don't get Siegecrafting!

Are there RoG (Randomly Generated Objects) on Uthgard?

Yes. These drop only in the frontier zones and frontier dungeons, but will also be available from Shrouded Isle zones when they are added.

Issues and Uthgard-specific features

How do the reserved character names work?

  • Characters that were level 50 had their character names reserved to the email the account was associated with.
  • If no email was associated with the account, the names are not reserved.
  • In order to claim those names, you can go to Manage Account, click the Reserved Names tab at the bottom of the "Manage Account" page, and enter any emails you used for accounts on Uthgard prior.
  • Reserved names will be held for two weeks after launch.

I heard Uthgard is the only free shard to have pathing, why is that important?

Indeed we do. While some think pathing is a PvE issue, it's actually incredibly important for RvR with pets and keeps. Real pathing means monsters won't just walk through walls in dungeons either.

How come there isn't a /level command? That was introduced before 1.65

The /level command was partially introduced to help lower population servers. Since Uthgard is a single server, we do not ever want to potentially exclude a portion of the game content, and as such the /level command will never be implemented.

The staff may introduce incentive bonuses to specific realms if a huge population disparity ever exists.

Where are the maps? / Why aren't my group members or myself showing up on maps?

At this time, maps are currently disabled until we fix something with them. In game maps actually didn't exist in 1.65. We have allowed the use of /map because any custom UI can be made to open and show the images but it will not track your and your groups location.

Can I use a custom UI on Uthgard?

Yes, there are a lot out there but not all of them may be compatible with live or Uthgard. Bob’s UI, v6.0 (for 1.110 DAoC) gives you a lot of options and has been used by many players successfully on Uthgard.

You can find that here:

Some ability or RA icons are missing. How can I fix this?

You are probably using a custom UI. That's fine, you can fix this:

1. Find the skl_1600 bitmap file in your DAoC folder that Uthgard uses, for example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Dark Age of Camelot\icons\skl_1600

2. Copy that file and replace the a file with the same name that lives somewhere within your: C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Dark Age of Camelot\ui\custom

This way your custom UI will use the old icons that Uthgard provides and not an incomplete set.

I'm having weird issues where when I select a character and hit play, the game crashes!

This could be caused by several issues.

1. Do you use a custom UI? If so, try disabling it and logging into that character again. If this fixes the problem the UI may be incompatible with Uthgard.

2. Are you playing on a device with a touch screen, drawing board, or digital drawing pen? If so, please check for driver updates and check if you can log in your character on another computer. Often touchpad drivers or touchpad services (such as "WTouch Service" or "tablet PC input service") cause the client to crash, sometimes even only for characters level 25 or higher. Also "TipTap.exe" is known to cause this problem. This is a known issue that will be fixed in the future.

3. If you are using Symantec Endpoint Protection, disable the service and try again.

4. Have you used this installation of DAoC on another Freeshard? If so you should install and use a separate instance of DAoC for Uthgard. Please follow the instructions starting at 2. Download the Client in the top left of the page.

Help, Players around me keep disappearing/blinking, what should I do?

Usually this issue is caused if your client cannot correctly receive UDP packets from the game server. As a first step, try enabling UDP traffic to remote port 10400 in your firewall and router. Having a correct UDP setup is preferable, since it decreases your lag, and allows you to have a smoother RvR experience when a lot of players are around.

If you cannot get UDP to work and you keep seeing this issue, you can go to the Launcher preferences by clicking on "Edit" > "Preferences". In the preferences dialog, you will notice a white textbox labelled Other. If you enter +noUdpForMe in this box, we will never try sending you UDP packets. Note that this might increase lag and make your RvR experience slightly worse.

Realm versus Realm

Can I change realms? How does this process work?

You can change realms in one of two ways:
  1. The first and immediate way is to delete all pre-existing characters on your current realm. Then close the game completely and reopen it.
  2. The second way is to initiate a realm transfer by clicking the Realm Transfer tab at the bottom of the "Manage Account" page. This process takes 7 days, and during that time you can continue to play on your existing realm, except for the last 8 hours of the transfer.

Won't people just bypass the realm switch feature by making two Master accounts and using a VPN?

While any kind of protection can eventually be bypassed the hassle is a lot greater than you think. It will take a lot of work to do so, but only a tiny amount of work to ban those accounts. While anti-cheat features are not a priority right now, we will re-visit our automated detection in the future again, and will ban abusive players as we see fit. If you do not want to get caught in a future ban wave, and loose all of your characters, we recommend sticking to the rules.

How come buff bots are not allowed? Don't they exist within the classic time period that Uthgard is targeting?

Buff bots were a high point of contention back in 2003 and they are also a drain of resources on the server. Unlike in 2003, nowadays most computers can run multiple instances of DAoC meaning that over time literally half of the players would have a buffbot, doubling the server load, but also giving players with less money an unfair advantage. We also strongly feel that buffbots are a hindrance to building a strong community for players.

How well enforced are your anti-cheating measures? I'm tired of seeing speed hackers, radar, stat mutations, and other exploits on other servers!

Much better than other servers. We pride ourselves on the measures we've put in place. We're also planning on investing more time into this in the future. Don't cheat. You will be caught eventually.

Why aren't keeps worth RPs? Why would we want to capture them?

Keeps were not worth RPs in 1.65. However they provide lots of bonuses for your realm and your guild. Here is the patch that introduced keep bonuses to DAoC: Patch 1.47

Are there RVR tasks on Uthgard?

Only courier missions which do not grant RPs.

How do the RvR porters / porting ritual work?

The porters will port every 15 minutes, going faster when the server population is lower. In addition, a 2nd port happens within 30 seconds of the main port to help those that forgot to equip their necklaces.

What is the reuse and duration of endurance potions?

  • Endurance regeneration potions last 2 minutes and have only a 5 second reuse timer like other buff potions.
  • Endurance heal potions have a re-use timer of 60 seconds like Health and Power heal potions.
  • This is important because endurance is a key part of DAoC, and by trivializing endurance regeneration you seriously disrupt the balance of the game.

Are there spec DEX/QUI, STR/CON, and AF charge items available for all the realms?

No, only the realms that had those items in their classic areas during 1.65. This includes areas like Darkness Falls, but not Shrouded Isles.

Where did /LFG go? How are we suppose to find groups or communicate?

The /lfg channel did not exist in 1.65. However there is a LFG tool and you can find a tutorial to it here: here

The lack of global channels will help drive people to form meaningful groups and alliances to help facilitate communication.

How do I use siege weapons? What does it take to craft them?

Here is a Uthgard specific guide to Siege weapons: coming soon

How come when I kill other players in RvR I don’t get any money?

Coin was added to RvR kills as part of New Frontiers, well beyond 1.65.

Do grey players give realm points when killed?

Yes, although very very little, just as they did during 1.65. This is part of the risk/reward of leveling in the frontiers.