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Uthgard uses a specialized issue tracker for keeping track of bugs you encounter in the game or the community platform. The main goal of this system is to provide a centralized platform at which you, the community, can report, vote and prioritize on issues, while also stream-lining the process to minimize the time developers have to spent on collecting information.

We want you to be in complete control as to what is happening on Uthgard (as long as it is in line with our larger goal/setting). For this to work, it is essential that everyone playing on Uthgard contributes to this platform by confirming/unconfirming issues, and voting on tasks at hand.

I found an issue, what should I do?

  1. First, please check if this issue has been reported before by using the issue search function (above). If this is the case, add more information to the first issue, instead of reporting a duplicate.
  2. If you are sure your bug is not a duplicate, gather as much information about it as possible: Figure out what exactly is wrong, how to reproduce the bug, and how it should be fixed. Make sure to also gather sufficient proof of the intended behavior.
  3. When you have gathered and double checked all the information, use the "Report an Issue" button to start the process.

How do I search for existing issues?

  1. Use the search box above to search for issue titles and descriptions for a term
  2. Use the filter box in the "All Issues" page to search for bug titles

What is the life cycle of an issue? When will a developer look at it?

  1. An issue starts out as Unconfirmed. At this point it shows up under the New Issue view, and requires players to confirm the issue, or it will eventually get deleted.
  2. As soon as enough players have confirmed an issue by posting a confirming comment, the issue becomes Tracked and shows up in the Confirmed Issues view.
  3. Players can Up- or Downvote any confirmed bug, thus signalling us how important the fix is to them.
  4. Staff members are be more likely to pick up issues with higher votes. When a staff member decides to work on an issue, the issue gets Assigned and we will try to fix it as soon as possible.

I found an awful ingame exploit, should I report a bug for it?

If you think the bug you discovered will have a bad effect if known publically, please contact us immediately via IRC or private forum message so that we can evaluate, and properly fix this bug. Please avoid creating public bug reports for severe ingame exploits, as we might have to roll back our database to a previous backup if any of these bugs become publically known.

For the sake of everyone having a fair and good experience on Uthgard, we ask that you immediately report critical game issues to us. Not reporting and abusing an exploit is a violation of our server rules, and will end up in your accounts getting banned. We keep regular database backups and detailed server logs on in-game money/item/realm point flow, which makes it easy for us to track down abusive players.

How can I help?

You can help us ease the work load by going to the New Issues tab, and checking if issues are valid or not. If you have proof, confirm an issue; if an issue is obviously wrong, please respond to it too. We cannot process the shear amount of issue reports ourselves, so please help us by confirming and voting on issues!